About Miss LaurieAbout Miss Laurie

“Are you nuts?” is what Laurie Kuzneski heard time and time again when the mother of two girls, ages 3 years and 10 months old, told people she was starting a business.  Perhaps.  But the former marketing executive, who left the financial industry two years earlier to stay home full-time, quickly realized you could take the girl out of the marketing department, but you couldn’t take the marketer out of the girl.  So, in November of 2002, with a family recipe for peanut brittle and a passion for cooking and entertaining, Miss Laurie’s Gourmet Kitchen was born.

In the past 8 years, Miss Laurie’s has added 6 different brittles (with more in the works), a son, and a series of cooking classes and camps for kids and adults.  “I always thought I could control the growth of my business.  Then I realized I could as much as I could control the growth of my kids.”  Shipping thousands of pounds of brittle each year, to clients all over the world, Miss Laurie has earned rave reviews for her brittles.
“My goal for the business started out as a pretty shallow one; I wanted a purse.  One that would have had my husband saying, ‘You spent how much for a purse?’  The business took off, and I was overcome by entrepreneurial spirit.  I reinvested in my business and now my goals are a little loftier, yet simple; I want to do good things.  I love working with different charities, helping other people launch their own businesses and my greatest goal is that my children know they can do anything they set their minds’ to.  If they know that, then I will consider my business a success.

While I don’t get asked if I am nuts so much anymore, I do get asked why it’s ‘Miss Laurie’ instead of ‘Mrs.’  I believe my husband was the first to ask.  I like to tease him that I am keeping my options open, but the truth is, the nickname came from my dear friend Helen and her children.  I always loved it and despite being accused of false advertising by a man who noticed my wedding band, it has stuck.  And the answer to the other question I am frequently asked, yes, I bought the purse and no, I never admitted to my husband what it cost.”