Miss Laurie


to Miss Laurie's Gourmet Kitchen, located in Indiana, PA, where a marketing executive turned stay-at-home mom took a family recipe and a passion for cooking and started creating the finest gourmet nut brittles you’ll ever taste.  Since 2002, Miss Laurie’s has been providing both individual and corporate clients with the perfect gift to help them stand out above the rest.

In 2005, as a busy mompreneur with 3 kids under the age of 6, Miss Laurie recognized that quality family time was scarce and not just for her, but for everyone around her.  Remembering daily family dinners growing up - the conversations, the laughter, the food fights - she began teaching both adults and children how to cook in an effort to bring families back to the dinner table.  Her philosophy was if everyone could work together to make dinner, quality time would increase, stress about putting dinner on the table would decrease, everyone would be invested in the meal and would some day have great memories of family dinners like Miss Laurie did.   

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Miss Laurie's Gift Certificate
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